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Water Quality Planning Grant Application Form

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1) Project Overview: Please decribe the planning project and location. Include a description of why it is important.*
2) Potential Water Resource Management Effectiveness and Efficiency: Please describe the project and how it could potentially benefit water resources or address other natural resource issues.*
3) Education and Demonstration Potential: Please explain how your project could improve the public’s knowledge of water resource issues and solutions. Include any educational features, planned public involvement, or outreach to underserved communities that may be explored in the planning process.*
4) Innovation Potential: Please describe any unique approaches to protecting or improving natural resources that will be evaluated in this planning process. How will the evaluation be conducted?*
5) Project Readiness: Please describe any work completed to-date. Include any studies or concept designs with this application. What is the likelihood of implementing the results of this planning effort?*

Project Budget and Timeline

Complete the following table for all project phases for which you will be requesting grant funds. If a scope of work has been developed for this planning effort, plese include it with your application submittal. Matching funds are not required, but preference may be given to projects with dedicated funds. Eligible matching funds must be cash contribution for the project elements in this application.
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